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Cultural and Media work launched early in Khartoum State through affiliated departments at commisioner’s office in co-ordination with the fedral ministry of culture and information up to 1995, then the ministry of social and cultural affairs was established which composed a number of departments such (Culture and Information Department, Literary and Artistic works Department and Tourism Department) and continued up to 2006 when a State’s decree number (20) for the year 2010 was issued for establishing the Ministry of Culture and Information Khartoum State due to be as specialize figure in Cultural and Media work in the State and stand on the departments mentioned above to work within a certain tasks and missions which determined by the State’s decree such as an executive Authority below:
Culture Field:
1- Mapping out the general policies and plans in the cultural field.
2- Sponsoring the culture by planning and promote it’s perform and protect the State Society’s cultural security and its heritage, values and achievements.
3- Encouraging the cultural movement in the State, developing the relationships with the cultural Official and private organizations and creators and cultural persons.
4- Introduce the State components and ideologies.
5- Giving concern to the State publishing house by encourging and promoting them, so that the State would be a center for press and publication.
6- Reviving the cultural heritage both written and transferred to develop, and save it beside sponsor the innovators.
7- Concern with all kinds of Art and connect it with values and ethics of the community in coordinate with Localities.
8- Concern with the Child Culture and link it with the religion and ethics values in coordinate with the relevant figures.
9- Interest to Libraries in the State by develop and encourage in coordination with the relevant authorities.
Radio, TV and Information Field:
1- Preparing the policies, programs and plans in the Information field.
2- Participating to implement the national policies for media.
3- spreading awareness among citizen of Khartoum State in all different issues and all political, economic, social and cultural events local, regional and international level by serving the ecomoic, social and cultural development in the State.
4- spreading peace culture, building national unity, enhance and deepen the national identity, the religious values via State’s mass media.
5- Focusing on investment, economic, capital and tourism opportunities in the State, as well as stress on the social diversity of the population in coordination with the related authorities.
6- observe public opinion attitudes , allow expression opportunities and opening the door for media services for citizen.
7- Contributing in coordination with the national authority to organize and licensing the Radio and TV programs in the State.
8- Participating implementation of general policies for telecommunication.
9- Contributing in plans of development the IT and telecommunication technologies in the State in coordination with the relevant authorities.
10- Commitment on adherenceing measurements and standards systems for technical specifications of the equipment and mass telecommunication and observe their quality control.
11- Connecting the State with Localites , States and federal government via network. Offering Licences to individual and copmanies in communication which operating in the telecommunication field and monitoring it in coordination with the relvant authorities.
Artistic and Literary work Field:
1- Contributing in coordination with the relevant authorities on supervision and oberservation for Literary and Artistic work as well as protection.
2- Contributing in raising the culture of the intelectual properity and protect rights of the innovators.
3- Implemeting the general policy set by the national council for Literary and Artistic work.
4- setting general policies , standards and rules for the Literary and Artistic work in the State and Localities.
5- setting any other tasks and missions may issue by law or designated by the Governor or the Cabinet.
Tourism field:
1- Contributing in general policies, plans and promoting the tourism programs.
2- Supervising and Monitoring the affairs of the institutions, Agencies and companies operating in the tourism field in the State.
3- protecting and securing the tourism sites as well as tourists in the State in coordination with the relevant authorities.
4- Confirming commitment to technical measures and standards in the tourism field.
5- Contributing with the national authorities to reactivate the tourism sector in the State through developing the tourism projects and opportiunities .
6- Developing hotel services in the State, capacity building of cadres, supervising of corporation and training.
7- Developing the tourism sites.
8- Observing commit for technical standards for hotels approved by the State.

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