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Department of development and training

This administration is considered one of the intermediates administrations which helps and supports the other major administrations .It had established in 2013 which was a department belongs to the administration of strategic planning and information .The administration works into tow paths:

1- Contruction development; its task to find the facilities to the ministry in the case of need.
2- Human development; via trains and qualifies employees.

Training department:
Training is essentially access in human resource development and qualifying to meet their uthentic needs which demanded for effective performance. And connecting between the career path and training path, so as to enable them to achieve the aim at training operation. Training aims to provide the trainees with information, skills and different renewable methods to meet their works nature. Moreover it aims to develop and improves their capabilities. Also promotion performance and trying to change behaviors whish contribute in positive way to upgrade the performance level and productivity efficiency .

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