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The general administration of literary and artistic works

It is one of the administrations in ministry of culture information and tourism in Khartoum state, it was established in year 1999. It was accordance included in board low at literary artistic works for the year 2001
After the constitutional development and insurance of transitional low for the year 2005, it was practice it power and function under the low of literary artistic 2005—2006 ,and the constitutional low of state Khartoum for the year 2009.
To play fulfill it is role and achieves goals coordinated with various entities with relevant actors, orgnisation civil societies in cultural artistic work ,security ,police of community protection ,federation and unions
The administration goals :-
1/ Prepare a good environment for creativity and innovation and create spirit of competition between the creator
2/ Fght against lacey, believes, traditional .values and promotion of virtue
3/ Keep cultural security and develop public taste
4/ Prevent the circulation and any works books anti color sex …..
1/ Put the general strategic plans and policies to achieves goals.
2/ Define the bases gouger to engage in work in accordance with low of literary artistic works.
3/ Supervise and control and inspection in the activity concern the administration
4/ Inventory and classificated and give licenses in all the location and activities of literary artistic works in the state Khartoum
There is three departments in the administration
1/ Department of control and inspection .
It is goal to control and inspection all location and activities of literary artistic work
2/ Department of licenses and revenues.
Inventory ,classificated ,and give licenses
3/ Department of programmer ,projects and following.
Follow the plans .programmed and project in administration, and create partner ship with others,

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