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General Department of Tourism and Antiquities

The general directorate of antiquities and tourism
It was established in state Khartoum in the year 1995 under the umbrella of the ministry of social affairs
In the year 2006 it was one of the departments of the ministry of culture information
In the year 2014 it was one of the department of higher council of culture and information and tourism after adding the general directorate of antiquates and museum to the higher council of culture an information this new department was work under the ministry of antiquities and environment from it was established in 2007
In2012 the general administration of tourism and the general administration of antiquates and museum were add to be under the umbrella of the ministry of human development and tourism
Then by the dission of the minster of human development and tourism the both administration in one administration and name it the general administration of tourism and antiquates
It get it is power from the low of arrangement of tourism work 2008and the low of antiquities protection in 2009
In 2014 it was add to the ministry of culture information and tourism.
The important of this department is to arise the awareness of cultural heritage and appear the beautiful value of it ,and spread knowledge of cultural heritage. Participate in deep identity through the protection and restoration and develop the local society’s environment and connect them with tourism. To develop ordinance to reach it is international level and make more programmers and project to appear tourism in the state that through usage of the river Nile and all fronts for tourism attraction. to develop basic resources for tourism so as to invite tourism festivals and make tourism exhibitions to develop tourism and attract tourism form Arabic and forging countries make other activities and programmer to create big tourism chance in the state.
Task of the administration
1/ participate with other to put several plans and policies and program mes cultural, social, and connect this with state people and other nation
2/ to develop the tourism sector
3/ to use every tourism places or part of it for tourism activities
4 / supervise and inspection for tourism place and tourism activities
5/ to offer protection and conservation to all tourism place
6/ to give the head line for the attraction and tourism investment
7 /develop and arrange tourism and control tourism program me
8/ give name and location of tourism place in state Khartoum and announce to use them for tourism
9/ give license and collect money for the tourism due to low 2008
10/ to put the tourism description for tourism due to the low
11/ to participated with countries, friends to develop the sector of tourism in the state by promotion
12/to develop antiquities sector by explanation the cultural. Civilization value in Sudan.
12/serving, and discovering, by excavation for antiquities in the state Khartoum.
13/build museum and preserve those in the state
It has five administrations.
1/administration of tourism facilities
It has five departments.
A/ department of hotels, motels, and tourism
B/ department of travel, tourism agencies.
C/ department of public places (restaurant, halls, parks, resort, limousine).
D / department of hotels apartments.
E/ department of revenues.
f/ department of Nile tourism.
1/ Inventory and classification, give license
2/ Control and inspection
3/ Specification control inspection
3/ Specification standard and total quality
The main role of this administration is specification of the tourism service reviews the audit fees and account.
2/administration of antiquities:-
Main task
A/ control and inspection.
B/field work and registration
C/archaeological serving and new discover.
Management tasks
1/preserve and protect and control the archaeological site and historic building.
2/ archaeological serving in the archaeological site in the state .
3/to arise awareness of the important of archaeological site
3/ the administration of museum.
1/ department of museum and exhibition and product
2/department of documentation and photography
Main task
1/to administrate the archaeological collection and store them make documentation and display
2/ make .exhibition and festival inside and out side
3/make registrations, catalog for the collection
4/control museum
5/make tours in the state
4/administration of promotion and investment
1/ to select the project and give excellent grant for it after presentation and share ideas with special sector to encourage the tourism investment in the state

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